Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is possibly the most popular and best-known game in all of online casino gaming. Offering a tonne of exciting bonuses, features and rewards across its 5 reels, Mega Moolah also has a guaranteed jackpot of £1,000,000. Winning potential aside (did we mention there are 4 separate progressive jackpots?) the graphics are superb, the reels run smoothly and the African safari theme is superbly detailed.

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The playing experience at Mega Moolah is unrivalled and the game boasts the highest ever payout from an online casino – £13.2m. Since it has various jackpots (4 different levels) you can play below the maximum and still win it big!

Where to Play

Microgaming have sold the licence for Mega Moolah to dozens of different casinos, so you can play it all over the place. For UK players, we recommend Betway, Ladbrokes, Leo Vegas and 32Red as some of the best online casinos for Mega Moolah. These guys always pay their winnings quickly and easily, and have no track record of messing their players around. Check them out and see if you can nab yourself a nice signup bonus as a new player!

Playing Mega Moolah: Everything You Need to Know

Since Mega Moolah is a slots game, there’s no high-level skill required and you aren’t competing against other players in the traditional sense. This makes it easy to play. That said, a few pointers about how the game works, unique rules or winning the jackpot will stand you in good stead and make sure you give yourself the best chance of winning big and, of course, having a good time.

Progressive Jackpots

All of the biggest jackpots in online casino are from progressive slots. Every time someone places a bet on Mega Moolah (even if it’s just 1p) a percentage of this goes straight to the jackpot – as you play the game, you can see the live jackpot total in the top-left corner, and it’s always incrementing.

The reason the Mega Moolah winnings are so huge (average jackpot of £6.8 million every 60 days) is that all bets placed across all casinos are added to the pot. The more people play, the more lucrative your pay-day will be if you hit the jackpot!

Theme, Graphics, Sound

When the reels are spinning away, there’s an eerie near-silence with crickets chirruping and it puts your mind into the safari as you wait. It builds expectation. If you don’t win anything, the quiet remains. As soon as you hit any winning combo (which is pretty often) you get cheerful African music (think Lion King), an abundance of animal noises and great animations.

The graphics are cool, with giraffes, lions, elephants and zebras just a few of the characters involved. Mega Moolah has inspired dozens of other safari-based games, but no one else has pulled it off in such superb fashion.

How to Play

Mega Moolah is like most other slots in how it plays: you choose your coin value and the number of paylines you want to activate and the number of coins to use.

  • Max coin value – £0.05
  • Max paylines – 25
  • Max number of coins per payline – 5

This means that the maximum bet you can place is £0.05 x 5 x 25, with all 25 paylines in use. The more paylines you use, the more winning combinations there are and the better your odds of making money. Similarly, if your coin value is high, then your rewards are high; of course, your bets also become more expensive, increasing your risk.

That’s gameplay in a nutshell, not for the important bit: winning the jackpot. There’s one rule you need to follow for almost every progressive slot if you want to win the jackpot: you must bet the maximum. With Mega Moolah you can win the jackpot with any stake. It’s absolutely crazy, but you don’t actually have to play the maximum bet (£6.25) to win big here; it definitely increases your odds, playing across multiple paylines, but it isn’t necessary.

In fact, the biggest recorded win on Mega Moolah came from a 25p stake!

Special Bonuses, Features and Symbols

  • The wild is the lion and can replace any other symbol to create a winning combo; it also doubles the payout of any combinations it creates.
  • Three or more scatters on a single spin activates the free spin bonus round (15 of them), during which any winnings are tripled!
  • You win the jackpot by randomly triggering the “jackpot bonus round”  – a wheel spins and you are guaranteed to win on of the mini, minor, major or mega jackpots.

Winning the Jackpot

When it comes to slots, the odds are never in your favour per se, since the winning combinations are totally random. However that randomness is also what gives you a fighting chance of winning in the first place: no one has an advantage over you. The more you spin, the better your odds of getting a winning combo, but it isn’t guaranteed.

The average jackpot is £4.3 million and has been won several times in 2017 already. There are smaller jackpots and each of these can be worth thousands (even tens of thousands) and are won much more regularly.

Biggest Jackpot Wins Ever

Needless to say there have been some major paydays over the years. The most famous of all is Jonathon Heywood, a 26-year-old British soldier who took home a whopping £13.2m after betting a mere 25p!

You can also play Mega Moolah on mobile, and one lucky customer took home €8m after betting the maximum €6.25 – it remains the biggest mobile slots win of all time!

John Orchard and his lovely wife become overnight millionaires with his £5.88m win in Lincolnshire, the UK. He soon capitalised by buying a new house for his daughter and packing in the day job – time for John to live the good life!

New Zealander Rawiri Pou scooped up a pretty $10m, a completely life-changing sum. Delighted, he said that “it [the win] couldn’t have come at a better time” and vowed to use the money to help get his family through some tough times.

There have been dozens of millionaires made the Mega Moolah, and the jackpots just keep climbing higher!

5 Tips to Better the Odds

1. Play the Slots You Can Afford

It sounds obvious, but most of the fun in online slots is actually playing. Recklessly putting on maximum bets when you don’t have the income or savings to offset your losses could put you into serious trouble. Only bet what you’re willing to lose.

2. Bide Your Time for the Mega Jackpot

While the mega jackpot can theoretically be won any time (and it has been won twice within 2 months before) history shows us that the average win is £4.3m; if you wait until the jackpot is around that number, the game may be historically more likely to pay out then. However, since winning is random, take that one with a pinch of salt!

3. Maximise Paylines Over Coin Value

By accessing all 25 paylines, you hugely increase your chances of a big-winning combination. Can you imagine seeing the jackpot combo come up but missing out because you only played a single line? If you don’t have hundreds or thousands to play with, then focus on getting those paylines rather than high coin value. If not, play the maximum – it gives you the best chance of winning!

4. Use Special Offers

The easiest way to keep profit is to not spend any money. Take advantage of free spins, no deposit bonuses and other special offers used as incentive by casinos. The more you spin, the better your chances of winning – might as well make those spins free! If you win big on a bonus, you’ll have no problem meeting the wagering requirement.

5. Keep Playing

The odds are always very low that you’ll win the main jackpot – there are just too many variables you can’t control. However, the only way to win is by spinning the reels, so don’t give up. Remember there are 4 separate jackpots with Mega Moolah, so there’s a better chance of winning here than anywhere else!


Mega Moolah has broken every record in the book, and it’s only getting more and more popular. You know what that means? Even more frequent jackpots. It’s a sensationally fun game in its own right, but once you throw in the mind-blowing bonuses, it becomes peerless. Check out our recommended casinos (Ladbrokes, Betway, 32Red and Leo Vegas) for the best playing experience, and good luck – we hope you take home the mega jackpot!

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