Free Slots Games

Ever fancied trying your arm at online casino games but weren’t willing to gamble your money on a game you might not even enjoy? Don’t worry, casinos absolutely understand that and want to make sure you’re completely happy with a game before asking you to invest or claim a casino bonus and play for real.

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That’s why many offer free games! What happens is the casino gives you a pot of cash (usually 5,000 coins) and let’s you play the game exactly as if it was your own money. The mechanics of the game are identical (including the randomly generated symbols) so you get a feel for how it plays, how often it pays out and so on – at literally no expense to you.

No downloads, no deposits, no signing up with an email address – totally free. Play free slot games to get an idea for what styles you like (3 or 5 reels?) and the different themes and bonuses pr mini-games which are out there.

A Guide to Free Games

How to Play

Free slot games are super simple to play since they’re exactly like the real versions. You can vary the number of betting lines (which increases your chances of winning, but also ups your stake) and change the value of each coin you bet.

If your coins are valued at £1 each and you use 5 paylines, that adds up to £5 per bet. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, and since you don’t actually lose any money, you can make mistakes while getting to know the game mechanics without stressing!

Every time you spin the reels (using the large “spin” button, usually) you are placing a bet. Depending on the number of paylines selected, there could be hundreds of possible winning combinations. Keep playing the free game to get used to the different symbols, how the Wilds and Scatters work and, perhaps most importantly, whether or not you like the music.

Best Games

If you look around online, you’ll find most of the best games are actually available to play for free, though sadly most progressive slots are not.

Sensational games like Dracula and Starburst can be played at absolutely no charge. If you become a fan of any game in particular, there are always links at the bottom to specific casinos where you can start playing – you might even get offered quality welcome bonuses like free spins to get you started!

Making the Most of Free Games

Improving Your Skills

All modern reel combinations are controlled using randomly generated numbers; the software chooses absolutely arbitrary blocks every time, which means there’s no way to “load” the slots or predict the outcome.

With that said, you can improve your skills in terms of placing bets, controlling the paylines and figuring out the smartest ways to play. Suppose your “balance” is £20, it may be more prudent to use five £4 bets (using a bunch of paylines) than simply raising the coin value. You’ll discover which tactic you like more and by the time you start playing for actual money (if you ever choose to) you’ll have a superior handle on the game.

Trying a New Game

They say “never judge a book by its cover”, but what else are you supposed to do? There are thousands of free games out there, so narrowing down can be tricky. Our advice is to follow one of two approaches:

  • Follow your gut – See which games look fun, have appealing names or select virtually at random. From there, you can keep refining your preferred styles and themes.
  • Practice the big-money games – You can practice the well-known games for free so that, when you think it’s still to start betting for real, you have the best chance of winning. As much as luck is involved in slots, having a good understanding of a specific game will improve your odds over someone who doesn’t have a clue!


There are definitely some players who don’t like the idea of risking their money on slots, even on low wagers like 5p spins. For them, free games are the perfect way to get the hours in without risk.

For the majority, free online casino games are about learning the ropes, finding their favourite games and getting some practice in before jumping in at the deep end and playing for reel.*

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