Fastest Payout Casinos

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing the best online casino. Their reputation for fairness, the quality of bonuses on offer, game selection… basically, there’s a lot going on. One of the main factors has to be how long it takes to complete a payment request and get your profit in the bank. This can be anywhere from a few moments to days on end; longer if you initiate the process out of business hours.

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Players want the best methods for getting money out of their casino account and into their bank account, and we’re here to talk you through how to do that. We’ll examine the different payment methods available and recommend the best casinos for fast payouts.

What Are Fast Payouts?

All we mean by “payout” is the time it takes from clicking “withdraw” on your casino account to  that money arrives in your bank account, ready to be withdrawn and spent. As a rule of thumb, a payout can be considered fast if it is processed the same day you request a withdrawal. However, many new casinos are offering instant processing, which means your funds will leave the casino immediately.

If you have to wait longer than a single working day (for some casinos it’s longer) then maybe you should question your loyalty to them. That might sound severe, but if you ever need to take your money out in a pinch, you want it sooner rather than later. Delays on payment don’t inspire much confidence, and it’s a mark of a reputable casino that they pay up in full, and quickly.

Of course, there’s a caveat here: leaving the casino doesn’t mean it’s in your bank. Rather, it’s just en route. The amount of time taken to complete the journey depends on the payment method.

Payment Methods: What to Look For

Wherever you withdraw the money to, remember that the transaction has to be processed before it is credited to your account – just like the casino did when you withdrew it. This is where the biggest delays tend to arise.

When choosing your payment method (this is also how you’ll deposit funds to play) you should probably stay away from banks. They are unanimously the slowest at processing transfers, often taking as long as two weeks to clear the money in your account. It is often preferable to use 3rd-party financial bodies (like PayPal and reputable E-Wallets) where funds can clear much more quickly, if not instantly.

Also check what fees apply, as there is usually a percentage charge applied; low fees + quick processing time = good option.

Speed Comparison of Payout Methods

To help you quickly analyse the various options and compare their strengths and weaknesses, we’ve put together a handy table of the top 5 payout methods available right now.

So What’s the Best?

Ewallets are hands-down the best option for quick, painless withdrawals. In particular, PayPal is often touted as the most convenient given its huge versatility. For casinos that offer instant withdrawal (aka zero processing time), your money will appear on your PayPal balance within seconds. From there you can spend it directly (using virtually any online service), deposit some of your profit back into other casinos or choose to transfer it to your bank account.

Whatever you decide to do, using a reliable e-wallet puts the money straight into your hands without hanging around, and that makes it the best. Neteller and Skrill are also excellent e-wallets.

Any Special Tips?

Realistically, there are no hidden tips and tricks you can leverage to get paid faster. Some casinos put delays in the system for handling larger amounts of money (this is ludicrous, so check the T&Cs if you plan to play big!) but otherwise, if you want to speed up the withdrawal process, there are only two things you can (and should) do:

  • Choose a casino with same-day processing – Realistically, there’s no advantage to choosing a casino, which takes longer than a few hours (certainly not days) to process your withdrawal. Scrap them and choose a service who rewards your loyalty with quick or instant payments.
  • Withdraw to an e-wallet – It’s irrefutably the best option, so why wouldn’t you? If you aren’t fussed about waiting a few days then direct it straight into your bank account and think no more of it.

It’s also worth considering that the withdrawal delay is a mark of the professionalism of the casino. Quality institutions that respect their players will make a concerted effort to make life easy – they’ll make it happen fast. If they don’t, they are revealing a less-than-respectable character to which you shouldn’t feel obliged to owe your allegiance (and money)!

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