Casino Bonuses

One of the biggest incentives to start playing (or to stay loyal to one casino) is the repeated offering of casino bonuses – essentially free money given as a reward to active members or an incentive to newcomers. Bonuses are extremely simple and we’ll talk you through exactly how they are won, and the different types of bonus available online today.

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Whether it’s free spins, signup bonuses or monthly reloads, all bonuses follow the same rough rules: an amount is credited to your account (for free) and you can use this money to fund your gaming and possibly make huge profits. In fact, many players rely on casino bonuses so that they very rarely have to invest their own money, instead taking home a profit with no personal investment.

If you’ve heard about online casino bonuses and wondered what’s the catch?, then here it is: there is no catch. There’s an excitement about using a free bonus which you can’t replicate anywhere else – it’s legitimately risk-free.

Free Spins

Slots is one of the classic online casino games: it’s easy to learn, impossible to master, and there’s always the fickle presence of chance which could turn your luck either way. At, we want to help our customers have as much fun on the slots as possible by helping you find the best free spin offers available.

Casinos will dole out as many as several hundred free spins as bonuses. By navigating different sites and being a regular player, you’ll be eligible for all sorts of wicked bonuses – check out our free spins page to find out how to find the best offers and, even better, how to make the big bucks from them!

If you want to make money from your free spins, remember that all you have to do is wager your winnings and surpass the wagering requirement. You could keep playing on the slots (fairly low-risk), or invest in a higher risk game and try to turn your free spins into a serious pay day!

Welcome and Signup Bonuses

In order to encourage new players to join their ranks, casinos will offer special signup bonuses, often in the form of free spins.

Wagering Requirement

Most welcome and signup bonuses include wagering requirements which limit your ability to immediately withdraw your cash. This is totally normal, but it’s worth reading the small print carefully so you know exactly what you need to do to take out your profit.

Bonus Clearing

This is a technique which aims to get you from A to B with as much profit as possible, where A is your initial earnings after using your signup bonus, and B is withdrawal of your earnings after meeting the wagering requirement. It involves using low-stake games (like Blackjack) where you should lose less than your initial bonus, meaning that you make a profit – be careful though, as some casinos will forfeit your profit for choosing deliberately low-risk tactics!

Cashable vs Non-Cashable

There are two general types of bonus: cashable or non-cashable. In the former, once you have met the wagering requirement you can withdraw your initial deposit, your bonus and any profit. This is the best kind of bonus for obvious financial reasons – if you want to make the biggest profit, then go for cashable bonuses.

Non-cashable (aka sticky) bonuses are for “play only” – even if you reach the wagering requirement, the maximum you can withdraw is your initial deposit and profit, not the actual bonus which was credited to your account when you signed up. If you’re more about playing than making money, then non-cashable bonuses are great.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are the easiest and simplest bonuses an online casino can offer. You don’t need to deposit money to the casino in order to claim your bonus – just register with a few details and you’re good to go.

It’s worth noting that, depending on the casino, there will be some limitations on no deposit bonuses. A common example is a maximum withdrawal from that bonus, or making a token deposit (no more than £5) in order to withdraw your winnings (which could be hundreds of pounds). Of course, you can then withdraw your recently-deposited £5 if you wish.

Read the terms and conditions carefully so that you know exactly what limitations or restrictions are in place for your no deposit bonus. Whatever they may be, bonuses which require no personal investment are highly valuable.

Mobile Bonuses

Some online casinos will offer special promotions for those using their mobile gaming apps. Gaming on smartphones is easier than on a laptop (since you have it with you all the time) and as such, casinos want you using that medium whenever you can.

New mobile games tend to offer no deposit bonuses so that you can try out the game (which you probably haven’t played before) without investing your own hard-earned cash. Any company who is willing to give out hundreds of no deposit mobile bonuses obviously backs their game, which should also help reassure you that they’re worth trying!

High Roller/VIP Bonuses

These are special bonuses targeted at those who like to play, and to play big. With a normal matched bonus (e.g. when you deposit £10, the casino gives you another £10) the stakes have a fairly low cap; with high roller bonuses, the ceiling is much higher and the minimum deposit equally so.

The good part about this? You could be getting matched for thousands of pounds, which means your potential returns are enormous! Of course there will be specific terms and conditions associated with these bets (usually focused around withdrawal limits and the like) but the casino won’t hide this from you – be sure to read everything thoroughly before engaging in the adrenaline rush of VIP bonuses.

Monthly Reloads, Referring a Friend and “Preferred Payment” Bonuses

Monthly reloads are all about loyalty. When you deposit money into a game and keep playing, some casinos will reward you with a monthly reload – this is a one-off bonus which could be worth over £1,000 over the course of a year. Since you are required to play regularly to access a reload bonus, these are often highly profitable.

Referring a friend works like it does everywhere else: they are two-way bonuses which help both you and your friends. What usually happens is that when your friend (using a referral code) places their first deposit, you’ll automatically receive a bonus worth anywhere from a few quid to £100. The more friends deposit, the more bonuses get credited to your account.

Casinos sometimes prefer certain payment methods or have deals with payment processing companies (like PayPal) and will offer so-called preferred payment bonuses. Make your deposit with a specific payment provider and you’ll be entitled to free money or spins!


There’s a lot more to online casino bonuses than often meets the eye, but in the end they all work on the same, honest principle: you are rewarded for choosing to play with a specific casino, and they want you to stay. You’re never guaranteed to win at online slots, but bonuses give you a better starting chance than just investing your own money.

As long as you read the terms and conditions of each bonus carefully, there’s no reason you can’t benefit from superb free casino bonuses all year round!

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