7 Benefits of Playing Online

Online casino has been growing for the past couple of decades and it’s only getting more popular. Why? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to dive into. Online slots have a bunch of advantages over land-based games, and you can leverage each of them from the comfort of your own home – there’s one of your advantages right there!

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1. Enjoy Better Odds

That’s right, the odds are more in your favour online than in a physical casino. The running costs are much lower (the staff wages alone for a land-based casino are enormous) which means the casino can turn a similar profit while offering improved odds. In terms of gameplay, the benefit is simple: you will win more often.

We aren’t claiming that you’re suddenly guaranteed to win a string of jackpots, but improved odds will always be a big bonus. You wouldn’t choose a game with a 93% payout percentage over a rival with 97% – why make that same mistake between land and online casinos?

2. Play Anytime, Anywhere

If you happen to live near a decent casino, then you can make trips without a great deal of planning. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll have to plan your trip weeks or months in advance – add the travel costs for top notch casinos and you’re racking up a pretty bill before spinning a single reel.

For players who love slots, you can get that same excitement and tension (and prize money!) anywhere you choose, whenever is convenient. If your wife decides you’ve got dinner plans you can simply exit your browser and carry on when you get home – it’s super convenient. In addition, there’s no need to sport your finest tux and order overpriced soft drinks in order to get your kicks!

Mobile gaming is booming right now, making it even easier to play all your favourite games on the go. Got a 15-minute break at work, or a long commute on the train? Just pop on the wifi, open your game of choice and wile away the time spinning reels, activating bonuses and triggering big rewards!

3. Unlimited Play, For Free

When was the last time a casino told you “Sure, you can play our games for free so you know how they work, before having to front your own cash!”? It’s probably never happened. Free slot games are offered for most of the best games out there – including massively popular games like Gonzo’s Quest and Twin Spin(LINK to review).

By playing free games, you get a chance to familiarise yourself with the theme and style of the game (there are thousands out there, so no need to burn money on one you don’t like) and also get your head around the various bonuses, freebies and extras that are part of most video slots.

4. A World of Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the major attractions to online gaming. Never used a certain casino before? They’ll probably throw massive “matched deposit” or no deposit bonuses your way before you sit at the table! Would a land-based casino give you free money and the potential to win millions without ever spending a penny? Well that’s exactly what you get with free spins and credit from major online casinos.

All that before you even reach the games themselves. In-game rewards like free spins and bonus levels where all your winnings are doubled, tripled or quadrupled are commonplace. The cascading blocks of Gonzo’s Quest can give you 5x on winnings on a single spin! With a near-unlimited number of bonuses and rewards on offer, it’s a wonder more people aren’t using online slots.

5. Limitless Game Selection

This is another real kicker. Any online casino will be offering more variety of game selection than any land-based casino could ever fit on its floors. Games organised by style, theme, payout and popularity are at your fingertips. Add in that you can try these games for free, before taking advantage of free bonuses, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Some players struggle to choose between their favourite games and will simply open up a separate browser and play multiple great games at once. Depending on your stakes, this can make life extra-interesting and you don’t even need to get out your chair!

6. Play for Pennies or Millions

Flexibility in betting is a huge asset for the online casino. If you’re a bit tight for cash but want to enjoy a few hours gaming, then do it! Online slots allow you to bet tiny amounts (often as low as 1-2p per spin) and, of course, offer out proportionately smaller rewards. Though you’re unlikely to win it big playing with pennies (well, unless you’re Jonathon Heywood who won £13.2m with a 25p stake on Mega Moolah) you can still get all the enjoyment that you’ve come to expect from slots.

On the other hand, many games let you wager hundreds of pounds on a single spin, with the potential to win millions in return. Whatever your budget, online slots caters to you perfectly.

7. Safety

It’s now beyond proven that online slots are utterly random and trustworthy, and licensed casinos will always pay out whatever winnings are due. As long as you’re using a licensed and regulated casino, there’s nothing to worry about. You won’t have sly thieves pinching your chips or run the risk of carrying home thousands of dollars after a big night – when you win online, every penny just goes straight to your account and, as soon as you request it, back into your bank.

Bottom Line

There will always be a place for land-based casinos, and Las Vegas isn’t leaving us anytime soon. However, there are definite advantages to playing online slots that make it not only more feasible, but for many players a more enjoyable, more profitable experience.

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